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Queer Ghana Education Fund(QuGEF)
“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
"Kofi Annan "


Upon the upraise against the already marginalized Queer community in Ghana, we felt the need to empower ourselves socially, academically and financially to face the looming and unending stigmatization and discrimination.

as marginalized community one of the ways we seek to liberate our selves is through learning and advanced education to be able to find sustainable solutions to our predicament, hence QuGEF .


Is to see a Ghanaian society free from all forms of stigmatization and discrimination towards the marginalized communities.


Is to equip the marginalized communities with the necessary academic empowerment to enable them protect themselves socially, defend themselves legally and sustain themselves economically by providing an educational scholarship schemes and training to these marginalized persons in Ghana.


Core values

Respect: Respecting ourselves means respecting our individual human rights and privacy, eliminating all kinds and forms of discrimination, whether based on religion, belief, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, gender or physical disability.


Dignity: Dignity as a concept, is commonly associated with worth, value and autonomy ,When people have autonomy to take decisions about how work is to be done within the organizational structures they take pride in accomplishing a job.


Diversity: In a diverse work environment, it is essential to respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion amongst individuals of the organization. Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected and supported.

What we do

Qugef provide educational scholarships and training for the marginalized communities,these scholarships schemes are granted based on the available educational projects we are undertaking at a particular time, applicants must go through the application process and when selected , get a fully funded educational scholarship .which includes admission,accommodation,tuition and research.The scholarship is an annual project but is renewable for all applicants that are already beneficiaries of a particular scholarship schemes .

We also provide educational training in the form or workshop,conference,fora where we involve a resourced person based on the area of expertise.

QuGEF do not make any revenue from the beneficiaries, we solely rely on our gofund and allied donors to be able to run the activities we do .

Career Profiling Training

Personal Growth and Development Training: A Queer Ghana Education Fund (QuGEF) Project in collaboration with Hope Alliance Foundation

Queer Ghana Legal Aid (QuGLA)

Queer Ghana Legal Aid (QuGLA)
This is a flagship project from QuGEF ,which is the only scholarship program that is directed at key population in providing legal educational opportunities for the marginalized queer community with a special focus on low-income LGBTQ+ persons ,survivors of violence, discrimination,

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