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Powells Crossroads is a small, unincorporated community located in eastern Tennessee, in the United States. It is nestled within the beautiful and scenic landscape of Cumberland County and is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Cumberland Plateau.

The community is named after the Powell family, who were early settlers in the area. Powells Crossroads has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, when it was primarily an agricultural community. It was a place where farmers would gather to trade goods and supplies, hence the name “crossroads”. Over the years, the community has evolved and grown, yet it has managed to retain its quaint and charming rural character.

Today, Powells Crossroads is a close-knit community with a small population that values its rural lifestyle and natural surroundings. The community is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and residents take pride in their strong sense of community spirit. Powells Crossroads is a place where neighbors look out for one another and come together for various community events and activities.

One of the most notable landmarks in Powells Crossroads is the former Powells Crossroads School, which dates back to the early 20th century. This historic building served as an educational institution for local students for many years and holds a special place in the hearts of many residents. While the school is no longer operational, it stands as a reminder of the community’s history and heritage.

The surrounding area offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and camping, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The breathtaking natural beauty of the Cumberland Plateau is just a short drive away, providing residents and visitors with the perfect escape into nature.

In conclusion, Powells Crossroads is a charming and picturesque community that offers a peaceful and rural way of life. Its rich history, strong sense of community, and proximity to stunning natural landscapes make it a truly special place to call home.

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