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Queer Ghana Education Fund(QuGEF)
Capacity Building
Career Profiling Training
  • Personal Growth and Development Training: A Queer Ghana Education Fund (QuGEF) Project in collaboration with Hope Alliance Foundation
  • Training theme: CAREER PROFILING
  • Training Modules:
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Cover Letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Scholarship Essays
  • Biography/Career Profile
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Introduction to QuGEF Scholarship Scheme
  • Medium of application: Google Forms Link
  • Target
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Activists
  • Lead persons
  • Other individuals who wish to apply for any of our scholarships
  • Resource Persons
  • AIM

By the end of this training, participants who successfully completed each module will acquire guided practical knowledge on how to develop these elements of professional growth for job seeking, scholarships, and upscaling of personal enterprises.

  • Strategic Objectives
  • It helps the organization build a relationship with the participants and understand their needs from their perspective.
  • This training will inform the organization’s planning on future training and scholarship grants
  • It provides a comprehensive view of their professional selves and allows for opportunities to connect with others.
  • Training logistics
  • Conference room
  • Workshop materials
  • Lunch
  • Break snacks
  • Publicity Strategies
  • The targeted form of publicity will be used. Flyers and application link will be shared to social media platforms for queer people.
  • Leaders and other notable activists and allies will be reached through email or through personal contacts
  • Resource persons can be persuaded to leverage their network to share the communication materials
  • Measurement and Evaluation

Resource Persons will be consulted in the creation of a survey to measure participant satisfaction after the training.

Queer Ghana Legal Aid (QuGLA)

Queer Ghana Legal Aid (QuGLA)

This is a flagship project from  QuGEF ,which is the  only  scholarship  program that is directed at key population in providing legal educational opportunities for the  marginalized  queer community with a special focus on low-income  LGBTQ+  persons ,survivors of violence, discrimination, homelessness  who are still struggling to persue their academic dreams

This project is supported  by The EGALITY law firm,which is providing the serving of legal consultation in the areas of legal advice  and providing  workshop training on criminal law for the beneficiaries.This training is to prepare  and equip tthe  beneficiaries with the necessary skills and enthusiasm to take up their new job with uttermost readiness

This project will draw inspiration from National LGBTQ Bar Association , Human Dignity Trust  and INITIATIVE FOR STRATEGIC LITIGATION IN AFRICA and other similar organizations in Africa


-Grant scholarships  to some individual Ghanaians to be trained as barristers

-With input from partner organisations, design a focused curriculum to be run in parallel to the official education.

– Provide a secretariat for the  QuGLA

-Conduct seminars or workshops for these barristers, and the wider queer/allied community.

-Establish relationships with similar groups across the world

-Develop an advocacy strategy to mainstream QuGLA and enhance its smooth adoption into the community-Develop a long term financial sustainability plan


Is a collective of individuals human rights lawyers who have dedicate their time and attention to fighting inequalities in the marginalized communities forcing on sexual minorities .

Legal collective is headed by an administrator and  a secretary.

All financial engagement at Legal collective is directed to QuGEF .

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